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Autodesk AutoCAD 2022 License


Autodesk AutoCAD 2022 License


AutoCad 2022
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AutoCAD is one of the first vector-based computer aided design (CAD) and technical drawing programs in the world developed by Autodesk.

AutoCAD, which is actively used by architects, engineers and designers today, enables two-dimensional or three-dimensional drawings of projects to be made easily. Since the drawings made with AutoCAD are independent of resolution, the dimensions of the drawings can be easily changed without affecting the image quality.

Using the AutoCAD program, users can plan a building depending on their workspace, draw a machine part to be produced, and design a model of a room to be decorated in computer environment.

With the AutoCAD program, which offers users flexible and customizable design, designs can be made with an engineering approach. AutoCAD program also allows analysis and simulation of designs that will be subjected to impact and load. By using AutoCAD program, users can perform strength analysis of the design they have prepared with finite element analysis and similar methods. As a result of the analysis, the weak and strong sides of the design were seen; Areas under high stress are strengthened, areas under less stress can be thinned to obtain optimum designs that will provide minimum material cost and maximum strength.

The use of AutoCAD program, which is a pioneer among CAD programs in many respects, is similar to other CAD programs. With the AutoCAD program, detailed and precise drawings can be made starting from simple geometric shapes. Users can easily draw by clicking the mouse on the area in the middle of the screen by selecting the geometric shape they want to draw from the drawing toolbar at the top of the program. Then, two-dimensional drawings can be easily converted into a three-dimensional solid model with simple but useful commands such as Extrude in the AuoCAD program.

AutoCAD program; It has use in architectural projects and designs, machine and automation designs, mechanics, electrical industry and even in the entertainment industry. With the rendering feature in the AutoCAD program, after the light and shadow settings on the three-dimensional designs whose drawing has been completed, realistic textures can be imaged. The render feature is a useful feature that is often used for presentations of completed 3D projects that have not been produced.


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